Charting a Bold Course

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The church of Jesus Christ in this generation is in desperate need of strong leaders. Yet, we must understand that leadership development is a life-long process. In Charting a Bold Course, Dr. Andrew Seidel provides an exceptional tool to get you started on cultivating the unique gifts and abilities God has given you and your leadership team. This course is especially suited for class or small group settings and includes a suggested course schedule and directions for elder mentors. This book moves beyond discipleship to develop key areas of leadership in the mature Christian.

About the Author: Andrew Seidel is the Executive Director of the Center for Christian Leadership at Dallas Theological Seminary. Dr. Seidel spent 14 years as a senior pastor before spending 7 years on the mission field where he provided leadership training for pastors in Eastern Europe and the former Soviet Union. He continues to teach pastoral theology and leadership development overseas in Russia, Eastern Europe, and Central Asia with Entrust International, for which he is Chairman of the Board.

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Developing Leadership through Mentoring and Coaching