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All About Influence 2014
Women's Leadership Conference

All About Influence

Ready to influence your world now? Hear from leading ministry leaders and experienced teachers as they provide practical tools for making an impact right where God has placed you.

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Jerusalem Meets Vegas Conference

Jerusalem Meets Vegas

Abuse. Affairs. Addictions. We know it is happening–even in the church. How would your church change if people trusted you with their complex sexual issues?

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The Table Conference 2014
Your Work: More Than A Paycheck

Table Conference

Work is not a necessary evil. It is a holy pursuit. Humanity, being in the image of God, is meant to create and manage in our world. Yet it often seems that our daily responsibilities either become a god themselves or just serve as a distraction from serving the Lord. Work is not a product of the curse, rather it is a sacred call to reflect God Himself!

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